Our Cuisine

Jeju Grilled Black Pork with Romantic Sunset View

Our original service started in October 2016! In the evening, our breakfast lounge is transformed into a dining barbecue place. The evening time of Jeju is very windy and cold, so our main chef cooks the food and bring them into warm indoor lounge to serve our guests.

Our barbecue is a very new grilling experience for you. We use local basalt to make a plate and cook the ingredients over it. Once the food is cooked well enough, we turn off the fire but then the basalt keeps the warmth for a long time which allows the food to keep warm and Jeju basalt enjoy the beautiful sunset and barbecue only served only chance to Jeju Island, do not miss!

Operating Hours 6:00p.m. ~ 8:00p.m. (all-year)
Dinner Menu Basalt barbecue (salad bar inclusive)

Price 25,000 won (black pork) and 20,000 won (white pork) per person

* Unlimited draft beer included!