How to Get to Corea Condo Jeju / Jungmun Tourist Complex

(1) From Jeju International Airport

From the airport, you can use rental car, taxi, and limousine bus.

By Car : Type in the following address in your car navigation : 서귀포시 색달동 2822-5번지 (Seogwipo-shi Saekdal-dong 2822-5) OR 서귀포시 중문관광로 72번길 29-29 (Seogwipo-shi Jungmungwangwangno Rd 72, 29-29), around 40 minutes per way.
*We recommend the following rental car company : Jeju OK Rental Car (☎064-743-4000]

By Taxi : Ask the driver to go to Corea Condo in Jungmun Tourist Complex in Korean "Jungmun Gwangwang Danji, Hanguk Kondo Gajuseyo". around 40 minutes per way.

By Limousine Bus : Take Bus Number 600 from Gate Number 5 at the Jeju International Airport
*Bus comes every 15~20 minutes (first bus 6:20 , last bus 22:00)
*Price per way : 4,500 won
*For bus time table please refer to the PDF file (Korean)


(2) Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal

Bus takes about 1 hour 20 minutes one way. This is similar to taking car or taxi.

Take bus 95 (first bus 6:35, last bus 20:40) and travel for about 30 minutes → Get off at Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal → transfer to bus 782, travel another 50 minutes by bus → Get off at Jungmun Tourist Complex Entrance, after 20-minute walk you will arrive at Corea Condo Jeju.

★ For more information: Jeju Bus Information System (Korean)

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